Market Bag

A perfect gift or starter set! These 6 bags will cover everything needed for trips to the farmerÕs market. The Canvas & Jute XL Tote is great for large and bulky items and holding your full produce bags. The Market String Bag, with itÕs amazing expanding capacity, is perfect for larger produce, artisan breads, and other goods. 2 Muslin and 2 Mesh produce bags take care of the fruits & veggies, and double as storage bags at home. Long lasting, heavy-duty construction will allow you to save paper and plastic bags for many years. Made in India of organic cotton fabrics, certified according to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) for ecology & social responsibility, and Jute, a natural native plant that requires no irrigation. Since they’re made of organic cotton and native jute, they bring additional benefits to the environment and our health by avoiding the highly toxic pesticides, fertilizers and processing chemicals used in regular cotton crops. Beware of cheap synthetic fabric bags. Cotton and jute bags are natural, sustainable and biodegradable. Polyester and Nylon are made from oil, NOT natural, NOT sustainable and NOT biodegradable

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A complete Eco-friendly gift or starter set for farmers market shopping

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